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The Caroline Chisholm Library is a Catholic theological lending and reference library situated in central Melbourne (Level 3, 358 Lonsdale St - opposite St Francis Church). Opening Hours are 11am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

All members of the public are welcome to browse the library, use it for reference purposes or attend lectures. Persons interested in borrowing books can become library members (membership forms are avaliable at the Library).

The library catalogue is available online at the Library's website at

This blog will give details of events at the library, text of talks given at the library as well as reviews of books in the library collection.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Library Book Club - Next meeting

The Library’s Book Club meet again this Friday, 31 May at 7pm in the Caroline Chisholm Library to discuss A.N.Wilson, C.S.Lewis A Biography, (Collins 1990/Flamingo 1991).

 “More probing than the affectionate biographies now available, this is a welcome addition to Lewis studies. Wilson renders yet another extraordinary but thoroughly human life. His Lewis is no "plaster saint." Extremely reticent about his life and canonized by devotees since his death, Lewis was a unique challenge to the biographer. Wilson adeptly considers each of Lewis's books in the context of the life and reveals how the writer came to realize the importance of the imagination in Christian faith. Lewis's conversion to Christianity, his friendship with J.R.R. Tolkien, and his work on the Narnia books are presented insightfully.” (Amazon)

 “Brilliant. Agnostic. Prejudiced. Gregarious. Bullying. Loyal friend. Heavy drinker. One of the most learned scholars of his generation. A controversial Christian apologist. Author of a children's fantasy that has sold millions upon millions of copies. And, after his death, almost a cult figure. C. S. Lewis was an incredibly complicated man, and, as revealed in this splendid biography, a mystery to those who knew him best. The mixture presented in Wilson's biography of the life of learning...of domestic drama and bad temper, religion, and sex, is irresistible.—New York Review of Books “

 All are welcome!

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