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The Caroline Chisholm Library is a Catholic theological lending and reference library situated in central Melbourne (Level 3, 358 Lonsdale St - opposite St Francis Church). Opening Hours are 11am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

All members of the public are welcome to browse the library, use it for reference purposes or attend lectures. Persons interested in borrowing books can become library members (membership forms are avaliable at the Library).

The library catalogue is available online at the Library's website at

This blog will give details of events at the library, text of talks given at the library as well as reviews of books in the library collection.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Library Notices - December 2013

I:       Achievements and Advance Notice
This has been the completion of our 20th Year!
We have celebrated with our usual activities of Discussion Group, Icon School, Book Club and support by members of the Blessed Adrian Fortescue chapter of Dominican Tertiaries.

Special events included a visit, talk and book launch by Joanna Bogle, and  our twentieth anniversary Mass (celebrated by Archbishop Hart), dinner and address by Julian McMahon.

We have promoted and read books! We have a new postcard to promote the library (enclosed).

We have also used electronic communications. We have blogged! We have Tweeted!

Next year we will be 21!

We are planning a series of talks and events, all aimed at nourishing and deepening Catholic Faith and Culture. In this way we aim to join and share the Joy of Evangelizing, as Pope Francis has exhorted. We will begin early in the New Year with the celebration of the YouCat, a publication based on the Catechism, but prepared, illustrated and promoted for youth especially by Cardinal Schonborn.

Details of this and future events will follow.

Please participate! Use and promote the library to your friends, and in your parish!

II:     Invitation to be a Library Volunteer

The Caroline Chisholm Library collection rests entirely on the dedicated work and support of our volunteer staff.  Volunteers help according to time and ability, staffing the loans desk, mending books, assisting in cataloguing and recording of books and in their sorting and preparation.   

Our excellent volunteers however are much in need of additional staff, as this some are caring for family members, or pursuing their vocations elsewhere.

If you are interested to find out more about being a volunteer, contact Anthony Krohn or any of the committee for a brief overview of the Library operations. We can then arrange for you to meet some of our experienced volunteers and for training.
Please phone the library on (03) 9670 1815, or Email:

III:    Please Renew Your Subscription,
Join the 350 Foundation or Donate Funds

We always need funds for our running costs – the constants are rent, electricity, computer connections, &c., and we also want to augment the collection with new books and journals and up to date website design and presence.

Please donate to support your library and its work.

Tax Deductible Donations for the Library are always Most Welcome,
And very gratefully received!!!
You can donate by cash, cheque or transfer to the library’s account:- 

ANZ Bank,  BSB 013040 Account 254936888

Please note on transfer: “subscription”, “donation” or “350 Foundation”

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