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Saturday, 13 December 2014

In memoriam: Dr Les Hemingway

Dr Les Hemingway, who was a General Practitioner in Warnambool for many years, died recently. 

Three of his books are in the CCL: The Modern World and Self-control, Rent as Revenue, and Sharing the Earth

Les left school at fourteen to become a fitter and turner. He under- took further studies and graduated from Melbourne University as a doctor in 1955. He be-came a Catholic soon after leaving university, and was guided by his Faith in his medical prac-tice.

During his time in Warrnambool he caused a stir by refusing to prescribe the contraceptive pill. He and his wife Verna had eleven children. (I remember him joking at a conference on economics that people would infer from his large family that he must be a Catholic!). 

Les had a wide range of interests, including swimming, engineering and woodturning. But espe-cially economics. He followed the land philoso- phy of the nineteenth century economist Henry George, applying it to Australia to- day, and arguing cogently that the application of George’s principles would solve the dilemma of the land prices that prevent so many people from owning their home. He stood as an independent for the House of Representatives seat of Wannon at the 1993 general election.

Les was very generous with his time and advice, as I experienced about twenty years ago when I sent him a draft of my book The Natural Economy. He sent me a long and very helpful analysis after only a few weeks – and apologized for having taken so long!

He worked as a GP for nearly fifty years, mostly at Warrnambool, until ill-health forced his retirement. Some three years ago, with his health beginning to fail, he wrote to a friend that he had had to cut down his daily swimming to 600 metres! 


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