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All members of the public are welcome to browse the library, use it for reference purposes or attend lectures. Persons interested in borrowing books can become library members (membership forms are avaliable at the Library).

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Update from the Library Icon School

Our last School excursion for the year was to “Eikon,” an exhibition of icons at the Art Gallery of Ballarat.
The Director of the Gallery, Mr Gordon Morrison, has set up an exhibition, and accompanying catalogue, calendar and cards of an exceptional standard, and those members of the School who were able to attend found it to be both edifying and informative.
The Annunciation icon designed for the top of the iconostasis at the Library has been completed and mounted. It is a fuller representation of the Annunciation inas- much as, in addition to Archangel Gabriel and the Blessed Virgin Mary, Kings David and Solomon appear holding scrolls foretelling the event.
One is from Psalm 44 and reads, in part, “Hearken, O Daughter, and see, and in- cline thine ear, for the King hath greatly desired thy beauty,” while the other from Proverbs reads, “Many daughters have amassed wealth; thou hast sur- passed them all.”

John Daly

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